Stewart Island, New Zealand

Stewart Island, New Zealand

New Zealand’s last inhabited bastion and home to the elusive Kiwi. 
Cross the wild and notorious Foveaux Strait by sea or air.  The choice is yours. 
Getting there is half of the adventure!

Evening Cove Stewart Island

The only inhabited part of Stewart Island is the township of Oban
where you will be greeted by true southern folk with true southern style. 
There are a multitude of places to stay and the ruggedness and beauty
of this island will certainly impress.

Ringa Ringa from the Golf Course Stewart Island
From here you can explore New Zealand’s newest National Park
Rakiura created in 2002. 

The wildlife here is astounding and you may even be lucky enough
to see a Kiwi in its natural habitat.
 For true nature lovers a visit to Ulva Island
an open wildlife sanctuary is a must. 

  Your journey to Stewart Island will be a truly unforgettable one.

Boat Sheds at Golden Bay Stewart IslandRed Hot PokersDeep Bay Sunset Stewart Island

Photo’s courtesy of Deep Bay Apartment, Stewart Island, New Zealand


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