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Southern Coast New Zealand

 From the top of the Catlins through Invercargill to the southern most tip of Stewart Island and on to Fiordland, explore the rugged Southern Coast of New Zealand
and discover a world of untamed, untouched beauty.

  You will discover intriguing places like Curio Bay, Murderer’s Beach and Fortrose. 
You will experience a wealth of nature and beauty surpassed by none.
You will meet true Southern men and women, known for their ‘salt of the earth’ character and their warm, southern hospitality.
You will taste deep southern sea delicacies and experience the evocative flavour of New Zealand’s Southern Coast.
Visit New Zealand’s Southern Coast. A truly unique experience.


The Southern Coast, where wild winds blow and trees grow sideways,
where sea currents sweep straight up from Antarctica and bring with them a wealth of wildlife,including seals, sea lions, penguins, whales,
dolphins and on occasion, even icebergs.

Begin your journey at the Catlins, where you can walk through the unique Petrified Forest at Curio Bay and through tracts of ancient Podocarp forest still in existence in these southern parts.


You will see shy Yellow-eyed penguins, Little Blue Penguins, and if you’re lucky, maybe even some Dolphins,
known to frolic at Porpoise Bay in the summer months.
You might even experience the roar of a Hooker Sea Lion,
but mind you don’t get too close.

Travel further south to Invercargill and Bluff, where you can taste the unique flavour of the Bluff Oyster, a true New Zealand delicacy caught only in the wild and notorious waters  of  Foveaux Strait.

You will find many eateries offering more south sea delicacies, including deep sea blue cod,
southern crayfish and paua, to name but a few.
And of course, during the “whitebait season”, you simply can’t bypass the true New Zealand tradition
of the “Whitebait Patty”. Caught in and around the southern coast river mouths during the months
of August to November, these tiny little fish are simply divine!

Drop in to the Tuatarium at Southland’s Museum and Art Gallery.
There you will see no less than 50 Tuatara, ranging in age from newborn to over 100 years old!
These unique creatures hark back to prehistoric times and are certainly not to be missed!

Then of course it’s on to Stewart Island. Come and see New Zealand’s elusive Kiwi.
Cross the wild and notorious Foveaux Strait by sea or air. The choice is yours. 
Getting there is half of the adventure!  The most inhabited part of Stewart Island is the township of Oban,
where you will be greeted by true southern folk with true southern style.
There are a multitude of places to stay, and the ruggedness and beauty of this island will leave you speechless.

Even further south are the Sub-Antarctic Islands, Campbell Island, the Auckland Islands, the Snares.
 These world-renowned nature reserves can be visited only by a select few researchers and conservationists. 
Privileged indeed to see these wild, untouched shores.
These islands are the breeding ground for many of the sea mammals found on New Zealand’s Southern Coast.

Upon your return from Stewart Island, travel round the coast to the seaside fishing village of Riverton. 
Here you will find a variety of arts & crafts, restaurants and cafes, as well as some of those true southern fishermen! 
Take the drive to Colac Bay to catch some waves at this wonderful southern surfing beach, and then on to
Orepuki, a historic goldmining town.  Look for elusive gemstones on the beach while you’re here
and then on to Tuatapere, Papatotara and finally Clifden Bridge and the Limestone Caves. 
From here it’s inland through Northern Southland and on to the beckoning Fiordland National Park and Te Anau.

Rock at Nugget PointCatlins River

Visit the Southern Coast: its land, its people, its beauty is truly unforgettable.
A southern adventure not to be missed.


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