Fortrose, Catlins, Southern Coast, New Zealand

Fortrose, Catlins, New Zealand

Mataura River meets Foveaux strait.
Photos kindly supplied by Maree Beker

Fortrose is the Southern gateway to the Catlins coastal route.

A small, growing town, that is situated on the shore of Toetoes estuary and close to the mouth of the Mataura River
Fortrose has plenty to offer, so stop a while and enjoy some of the following:.

  • Great for water sports and fishing
  • Information Centre at Stirling Tides Cafe
  • Giant Pukeko statueSouth Islands' most southern Golf course
  • Artist Gallery/Studio Shop
  • A boat ramp onto the estuary
  • Freedom camping area on the waters edge
  • Fantasic sunsets over the estuary
  • Beach walks
  • Remants of a shipwreck
  • Giant Pukeko statue
  • The mouth of the Mataura River, were it meets with Foveaux Strait often with turpulent waves and eddies
  • Historic cemetery with some graves of those from the shipwreck 'Tauarua ' at Waipapa point.
    NZ's worst civilian maritime disaster
Shipwreck 'Ino"

Fortrose was first established as a whaling station in 1834. 
At this time Fortrose was known as Russeltown.  The name was later changed to Fortrose
by a Scotsman who claimed that the area was like Fortrose in Scotland.

By 1875 Fortrose had become a very busy port with a new jetty being built that year
and its main living was made out of exporting wool, grain and timber.
 However Fortrose’s prosperity ended when the railway line was opened in 1899.
Today Fortrose offers a wonderful base from which to explore
the beautiful landscape and wildlife of the Southern Coast!

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