St. Bathans


St. Bathans, Central Otago, New Zealand


Blue Lake


The St Bathans’ skyline is dominated by the Hawkdun Range and Dunstan Mountains.
Perhaps its most remarkable feature is the impressive Blue Lake that was created
during goldmining days by the efforts of miners sluicing and dredging for gold.
The stunning blue colour of the lake is caused by the mineral content
of the surrounding cliffs.
The 120 metre high hill that was the lake site, is now a 69 metre deep hole,
the deepest mining hole in the Southern Hemisphere.

Vulcan Hotel
The town itself once boasted over 2000 miners
and not less than 13 Hotels! 
Today the only remaining Hotel, the Vulcan Hotel dating back to 1882,
is a major tourist attraction for the area. 
It still provides accommodation and meals for passers by today. 
One of its claims to fame is that it is haunted,
so beware you may yet see an old timer! 
The hotel is truly charming with its original adobe mud construction.

St Bathans Post Office 

The 2 storey Kauri Post Office from 1909 is also still in operation today and provides souvenirs of St Bathans as well as its own unique postmark. 

Both are well worth a visit.

StBathans Street


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