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Butchers Dam, Central OtagoCentral Otago, New Zealand - a land of timeless beauty.

Central Otago - New Zealand, thyme covered hills, orchards,
bare tussock rock landscapes, tors, gorges, lakes.
Encounter solitude, mountains, rivers, rocks and tussock.
See with the clear light far and close, experience middle earth.

Central Otago, spectacular and rugged Goldrush country,
where miner’s legacies of long forgotten ghost towns can still be found.

Wedderburn Central Otago 

Experience the Otago Central Rail Trail,
The Clutha Gold and the Roxbugh Gold Cycle and walking trails.
A journey through time and history following
the romance of the trials from Dunedin to Clyde.
 Join the yearly Cavalcade and follow in the footsteps
of the early pioneering Wagoner’s and their families. 
Stay in Cob cottages and live life the pioneer way,
… even if only for a few days.

Follow the route to Central Otago and on the way experience
spectacular scenery and an ever changing landscape of orchards,
vineyards, olive groves, wild thyme & briar roses,
rugged snowcapped mountains, crystal blue lakes,
steep winding gorges, … and occasionally
you might chance upon a place so still ...
... so beautiful…so spectacular...
…that you’ll never want to leave.

Tor Central Otago

If you’re a thrill seeker and adventurer Central Otago offers some
spectacularly wild countryside, just waiting to be explored. 
Don’t take the road most traveled…
spice up your wild side and hop on a mountain bike,
go Four Wheel Driving, try a wild jet boat ride,
take to the steep slopes and try some heli-skiing
or explore some of the many remote and elusive
goldmining ghost towns on foot.

Snowcapped mountains Central Otago

 If this sounds all a bit too much take in an afternoon of Curling on a crisp sunny mid-winters day, relax at some of the world renowned wineries or find a relaxing spot for some good trout fishing.

Ophir Bridge Central OtagoQuaint and intriguing cottage industries have sprung up
all over the district not unlike the pioneering days of
the cobbler, the bootmaker and the baker. 
Art and craft studios beckon around every corner,
potters, painters, sculptors, and fine merino wool hand knitters. 
One could spend days finding new treasures at every turn.
Experience Central Otago at any season. 

Wild Thyme Central Otago
Hot dry summers on crystal blue lakes,
cool crisp winters with rugged snowcapped mountains,
spectacular autumns with rich reds and golden hues,
and the romance of Spring with blossoming orchards and
sweet scintillatingly smells borne on warm winds.

Central Otago …..Adventure….Romance….History….Rugged…Spectacular
Come experience it for yourself.

This is a really good website, congratulations. We’re planning a 2 week trip around Otago, and find this extremely useful!
I already learned before getting there that 2 weeks won’t be quite enough, so we’ll have to make another trip in the future.

Butchers Dam in Winter Central OtagoGrazing sheep Central OtagoNear Cromwell Central Otago


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