Hari Hari

Hari Hari, The West Coast, New Zealand



Hari Hari is 45 minutes south of Hokitika and was once a logging settlement,
but today Hari Hari, is popular for bush walking, bird watching,
and trout or salmon fishing.

Along the main highway you will find tearooms, a dairy and craft shops.

It was in Hari Hari that Australian pilot and adventurer Guy Menzies
completed the first solo flight across the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand in 1931.
Menzies crash landed and his craft - the Southern Cross Junior - came to rest wheels up in a swamp.
Much controversy surrounded the flight as Menzies had informed the authorities in Australia that he would be flying
across Australia west to Perth, however, shortly after takeoff, he banked east and took on the Tasman.
He completed the flight in 11 hours and 45 minutes.


North of Hari Hari you will find Pukekura with the Bushmans Centre
where a super sized Sandfly hangs from a wooden beam outside.