Haast, The West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

Haast Pass Bridge


Haast is the first place you will encounter on the West Coast when traveling from
 the South through the scenic Haast Pass.

Located at the heart of the South West New Zealand UNESCO World Heritage Area, Haast is a wild, untamed and wonderful place.
Today the word “untouched” has become a synonym for beautiful,
when it really means “pristine.”
The Haast region is one of the genuinely untouched accessible places left on Earth.
Here mighty rivers, giant trees, ferocious seas and tempestuous weather combine
to create an emotive masterpiece of natural splendour.
The World Heritage Information Centre is perhaps the best such facility in New Zealand and has a wealth of information, photographs, displays, maps and charts
on the region’s history, geography, flora and fauna.

ForestHaast consists of  three small settlements; Haast township, Haast Beach
and Haast Junction and is located near the mouth of the Haast River

 Haast is surrounded by rain forests and wetlands, sand dunes and beaches.
Here you will also find the Hapuka Estuary Walk,
which leaves from the motor camp.

 Photo by Paul Rongo (Copyright)

Haast has some of the most extensive wetlands
in New Zealand and a variety of bird life.
The fantail, bellbird, tui, silvereye, kiwi, and the blue and Fiordland Crested penguins can all be spotted around Haast.

At Haast you can take river safaris on the Haast River through some of the spectacular scenery of the
South West New Zealand World Heritage Area.

 Photo by Paul Rongo (Copyright)

South of Haast you will find Jackson Bay, the southern most settlement of the West Coast.
The calm and sheltered bay is home to a few hardy Coasters, a small fishing fleet and Fiordland crested penguins,
blue penguins, fur seals and dolphins can be easily seen most days.
The drive to Jackson Bay should be rewarded with a meal at The Cray Pot, which serves a bounty of seafood from local waters.

Haast has a variety of accommodation from Hotel and motels to B&B and Motor Camp.

Haast Bridge to the North

Designated a World Heritage Area by UNESCO in 1991, the South-West New Zealand (Te Wahipounamu)
World Heritage Area covers 2.6 million hectares, or about 10% of New Zealand.
Other World Heritage Areas include; Mt Everest, the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon.