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Arrowtown just a short drive from Queenstown is certainly not to be missed. 
This historic goldmining town is beautifully preserved and is set along
the very lucrative Shotover River.

 The occasional gold nugget can still be found. 
Recently a gold nugget was found washed up in the river after a heavy flood! 
So luck may be with you.

 The town itself is very charismatic offering a variety of boutique shops and cafes and is also home to the nearby Millbrook Resort.  This world-renowned golf course and resort is where the rich and famous from all over the world flock to each year. 
Many returning time and again to this wonderful area. 

LupinsColours of Arrowtown

Long before the last skiers have come down the mountains the first greens are giving their show of colour, these soon to give way for a sea of whites and magentas in the Lupins gracing the banks of the Arrow River.

Hugging the river, Arrowtown - an old gold miners settlement, comes to life with visitors from all over the world to admire the impressive mountainous surroundings. With the passage of time the magentas soon give way to yellows and golds as the surrounding areas dry out under the hot sun and its wide expanse of blue sky - an ideal breeding ground for the voluptuous roses in all their own colourful glory.

AutumnLater, the hillsides explode with the oranges, yellows and reds to give Arrowtown its famous autumn festival, where again many people
gather in the festivities surrounding this.
Then suddenly the landscape will be painted a brilliant white, bringing the skiers back to the mountain tops.

Many places have their seasons
Arrowtown has its colours

Chinese gold mining village

Arrowtown is only 20 minutes drive from Queenstown at the heart of the Southern Lakes ski areas, and is known for its hot summers and striking autumn foliage.
Arrowtown has a number of good cafes & restaurants.
On the main street of Arrowtown, Buckingham Street you will find shops selling
New Zealand's finest clothing, souvenirs, arts and crafts, giftware, and wines.
Or to discover the past take a walk through the Chinese Gold Mining Village and see how the miners lived and worked.

A wide range of accommodation is available in Arrowtown.

On the road to Arrowtown


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