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Waimangu Volcanic Valley, Rotorua, New Zealan
Youngest Geothermal System in the World

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Welcome to Waimangu Volcanic Valley - Rotorua

Waimangu-Volcanic-ValleyQualmark accredited Waimangu Volcanic Valley is a multiple New Zealand Eco-Tourism Award winner and the ‘must do’eco-experience
if you wish to discover amazing volcanic craters, geothermal features
and rare thermal botany during your Rotorua holiday.

Waimangu is truly a year-round eco-experience
that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical abilities.
Facilities include a well stocked cafe and gift shop,
modern bathroom amenities and ample on site parking.

Waimangu-Volcanic-ValleyIn 1886, Mt Tarawera in Rotorua erupted, destroying the surrounding
area. The eruption opened the earth along a 17km rift, splitting
Mt Tarawera in two, exploding Lake Rotomahana to 20 times its size,
and forming the seven craters that today make up
Waimangu Volcanic Valley.

Within 15 years of the Eruption, the hot springs of the
Waimangu Geothermal System were established within the newly formed craters, making this the world's newest geothermal eco-system.

Waimangu-Volcanic-Valley Boat CruisePlant life returned to the devastated land 30 years after the eruption. Waimangu Volcanic Valley and Lake Rotomahana are protected as a Scenic Reserve and Wildlife Refuge.

Today, you can enjoy a range of easy walking, advanced hiking,
and boat cruise experiences ranging in duration from 45 minutes to
over 4 hours at Waimangu. A variety of tours including transportation
from the Rotorua township are also available.

Eco Tours

  • Waimangu - Easy Walking:
    Waimangu offers a range of easy, self-guided, ecology-focused walks through the craters of the beautiful Waimangu Volcanic Valley.
    The walks showcase a wide range of geothermal activity, native plants and bird-life in one of the newest eco-systems in the world.
    There are a number of easy walks, mainly downhill, available.
    Return on our courtesy shuttle bus to the Waimangu Visitor Centre and Entrance.
    See Echo Crater and Frying Pan Lake, the world's largest hot water spring. View mysterious and dramatic Inferno Crater
    with its beautiful blue hot lake.
  • Waimangu - Advanced Hiking:
    Mt Haszard Hiking Trail was opened in January 2005. Some of the path uses the original Round Trip walking route
    from the early 1900’s when tourists came to view the Waimangu Geyser erupting.
    The Mt Haszard Hiking Trail begins at Inferno Crater, and moves high above the Waimangu Volcanic Valley floor.
    The hike provides spectacular panoramic views of the valley, the surrounding region, Rainbow Mountain,
    Mt Tarawera and Lake Rotomahana, and views into Black, Fairy and Raupo Pond Craters.
    This hiking trail requires good fitness. There are steep hills and it is rough underfoot in places.
    The hike is not recommended for children, pushchairs or wheelchairs.
    • Rate per Adult: NZ$37
    • Rate per Child (6-16): NZ$12
    • Infant (under 6): Nil
  • Lake Rotomahana Boat Cruise
    Lake Rotomahana covers approximately 15 coalescing craters formed by the 1886 Tarawera Eruption.
    15 years after the Eruption the lake reached its current height and is now the deepest in the North Island.
    It is also the newest of all New Zealand’s larger, naturally formed, lakes. The lake is protected as a wildlife refuge,
    and large numbers of birds live here all year round.
    The lake and surrounding land are protected from development, and will always remain as one of New Zealand’s beautiful,
    unspoilt, natural, wilderness areas.
    Patiti Island, in the middle of the Lake, has been restored to an almost predator-free state and is now a safe haven for New Zealand native birds.
    View beautiful geothermal sights that can only be seen from the boat.
    • Rate per Adult: NZ$42.50
    • Rate per Child (6-16): NZ$12
    • Infant (under 6): Nil
  • Waimangu Walk/Hike and Boat Cruise Combo
    • Adult: NZ$79.50
    • Child (6-16): NZ$24.00
    • Infant (under 6): Nil
  • Guided Tours and Group Bookings available

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Contact Details


587 Waimangu Road, Rotorua, Off State Highway 5 (Main Rotorua-Taupo Highway)
New Zealand

Postal address:

P O Box 6141, Rotorua 3043, New Zealand


+64 (0)7 366 6137


+64 (0)7 366 6607





PDF Brochure:

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Waimangu is easily accessible, and is just 20 minutes south of Rotorua, and 40 minutes north of Taupo.

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