New Zealand
Sports Hall of Fame


Sports Hall Of Fame

New Zealand
Sports Hall Of Fame

Sports Hall Of Fame

Where Champions Live On

New Zealand's greatest sports performers, their most memorable moments, the trophies and the tools of their trades - all come dramatically alive when you visit the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame in the Railway Station in Dunedin.
Walk among the displays and exhibits that salute the inducted champions and their contributions to New Zealand's renowned sporting heritage. See their uniforms, equipment, trophies and medals which tell the stories of their achievements.
Inaugurated in New Zealand's 150th anniversary year of 1990, the Hall has inducted champions from across the eras and across a wide range of sports.
The Hall opened in Dunedin's magnificent and much-photographed historic railway station in 1999.

Sports Hall Of Fame
Sports Hall Of Fame

A Place to Admire

The New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame brings to life many of the sporting deeds of long ago
...Sir Edmund Hillary has a mountain to climb, Yvette Williams a long jump pit into which to jump, Sir Bob Charles a green on which to putt; two of the great cricket batsmen, Bert Sutcliffe and Martin Donnelly, have a pavilion from which to emerge.
See the kayak in which Ian Ferguson and Paul MacDonald won Olympic gold medals.
See the armguard that Colin Meads wore when he played a test with a broken arm.
Read the memorabilia accumulated by generations of All Blacks from the Originals of 1905 until the World Cup winners of 1987.

Sports Hall Of Fame
Sports Hall Of Fame

And a Place to Learn

The New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame is the ultimate nostalgia trip for sports fans and even non-sports fans.
But it is also a place of learning,
with one of the key tenets of the Hall being the education of New Zealanders in the sporting deeds that inspired - and helped shape - a nation.
The Hall is ideal for the casual visitor wanting to learn more about a rich sporting past, for school groups and for serious scholars working on sports history papers.

A library is being slowly established as New Zealand’s foremost repository of sporting history.

Sports Hall Of Fame

Address: Dunedin Railway Station, Anzac Avenue, PO Box 643, Dunedin
Telephone: +64 (3) 477 7775
Facsimile: +64 (3) 477 7762

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